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Carp Spirit Magnum X5

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  • Our top of the range Magnum X5 rods are all manufactured from 40-Ton High Modulus Nano Matrix Carbon (NMC), which gives the blanks their ultra slim diameter yet still provides plenty of power in reserve.
  • All the Magnum Series rods feature the same semi fast action, which, after extensive testing by the Pro team was found to be the perfect balance between being able to cast leads to extreme distances yet still retain a tip soft enough to absorb the lunges of the fish during key stages of the fight.
  • Built using only the highest quality fittings including a carbon clone reel seat and an ASF technology blank, the Magnum X5 series are without doubt the ultimate carp fishing rods available today.
  • NANO MATRIX CARBON – NMC: Stronger, lighter, Higher Performance Blanks.
  • ANTI-SCRATCH FINISH: Ensures your rods look great after years of use.
  • ANTI-FRAP TIP GUIDE: Reduces line wrapping around the tip.
  • SEA-GUIDE TUXTLSG GUIDES: Highest quality Titanium finish SIC double leg guides.
  • STAINLESS STEEL BUTT CAP: Featuring laser etched logo.
  • CARBON CLONE REEL SEAT – 18MM: Ultra lightweight and machined from carbon tube.
  • 1-K WEAVE: For added strength and increased tip speed recovery.

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13FT/3.5LB TC/2 Sections/100g-160g, 12FT/3.5LB TC/2 Sections/90g-140g, 12FT/3.00LB TC/2 Sections/80g-120g