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Carp Spirit Magnum X3

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  • Manufactured from 36-Ton Hi-Modulus Nano Matrix Carbon (NMC) the Magnum X3 range is a series of rods with a semi fast action that offer fantastic performance.
  • The butt section holds plenty of power in reserve for casting heavy leads and PVA bags, yet the tip section is still forgiving enough to absorb the lunges during a fight due to the trademark Semi-Fast action of the Magnum series.
  • The high quality Fuji reel seat is compatible with both big pit and standard size reels and the ASF technology blanks finished in a 3K weave ensure that the Magnum X3 Series will be a firm favourite amongst the most serious and demanding of carp anglers who expect the most from their tackle.
  • Available in a range of lengths and text curves.
  • NANO MATRIX CARBON: Stronger, lighter, Higher Performance Blanks.
  • ANTI-SCRATCH FINISH: Ensures your rods look great after years of use.
  • ANTI-FRAP TIP GUIDE: Reduces line wrapping around the tip.
  • SEA-GUIDE TUXTLSG GUIDES: Highest quality Titanium finish SIC double leg guides.
  • STAINLESS STEEL BUTT CAP: Featuring laser etched logo.
  • CARBON CLONE REEL SEAT – 18MM: Ultra lightweight and machined from carbon tube.
  • 3-K WEAVE: For added strength and increased tip speed recovery.

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10FT/3LB-TC/2-SECT/60-100G, 12FT/3LB-TC/2-SECT/80-120G, 12FT/3.5LB-TC/2-SECT/90-140G, 13FT/3.5LB-TC/2SECT/100-160G